A weekend getaway in the happy hills

Darkness greeted me as a I stepped outside the cabin. It was about 6:10 on a November morning. The thermometer read 25 degrees–not bad for this time of year–and the air was calm. I stepped off the porch, loaded my rifle and walked away. The 2015 deer gun season was under way.

Save for the rifle, blaze orange hunting suit, and the unusually early wake-up call, this could have been any other weekend at the cabin. What began as a location for hunting has evolved into my escape hatch for solace and relaxation. With some work thrown in for good measure.

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weekend getaway, get away for the weekend, weekend escapeMy parents purchased 42 acres of mostly wooded land in April 1981. The property, located in Vernon County in southwest Wisconsin, affords us some nice hills for hiking and exercise. Set back almost 1/4 mile from the road, we enjoy a measure of privacy, though two other families have cabins nearby. Our simple cabin, built in the mid 1980s, provides a comfortable roof over the head and nearly all the amenities of home.

I live clear across the state in the Milwaukee area. Our cabin is more than three hours away, so I often make a pit stop at the family’s house in Madison. From there it’s about a two-hour drive.

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