Fun family vacation entails getting away with your family

family vacations, cheap family vacations, family getaway weekendWhen was the last time you and your family enjoyed a relaxing vacation together? When did you last:

– Stroll along a white, sandy beach?
– Marvel at  the coral and other marine life found in the amazing oceans?
– Help your children build sandcastles and collect sea shells?
– Go horseback riding, hiking, skiing or ziplining?
– Travel back in time as you explore Europe’s centuries-old streets, shops and castles?
– Savor the unique culinary experiences found in restaurants the world over?
– Kick back with a good novel and just relax?

When was the last time you made time for yourself?

Back in mid-January I decided to get away. I wanted to go someplace warm in the United States in late February. My search led me to Las Vegas, which I visited from Feb. 21-28.

cheap vacations in Las Vegas, discount vacations in Las Vegas, Tom Fuszard, discount family vacationsMost of the week was spent walking the Strip and just exploring. There were certain attractions on my itinerary (Mob Museum and Freemont Street-pictured), for example. But mostly just walking and observing. The weather was nice–sunny and in the 60s most days.

Walking along S. Las Vegas Boulevard one day it hit me: I am really on vacation. It’s that feeling I get when I’m truly away; away from the routine of daily life, without a care in the world. I had truly escaped.

That’s the experience you should be able to enjoy on your family vacations. You made time for your family, so you should be “there” to enjoy it. Too many travelers stay connected to home through email or text messages. As a result, they don’t relax, and return home no better than when they left.

Nights at Tahiti Village, Las Vegas, were extremely restful. Sure, I could occasionally hear the jets arriving and departing nearby, but they never bothered me. I slept well and enjoyed interesting excursions to buildings and attractions along the strip. Then, it was down to the pool for an hour or two of sunning and swimming (see the image below). Bottom line: I returned home well rested and ready to resume my work.

How about you? When was the last time you made time for yourself (and your family, if applicable)? Recall the great times you enjoyed and the experiences you had. Wasn’t that how a vacation was supposed to go?

If you’d like to share your experiences with others, comment below. And please share this post so others may benefit from what you and I have written. For related reading, see “An escape should be just that — an escape” and “Weekend getaway refreshes for less.”

Now: When are you going to take your next family vacation or weekend getaway?


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