Random thoughts on visiting Las Vegas

I had a nice time in Las Vegas  in late February (21st to the 28th). The resort, Tahiti Village, was very nice, and I saw a lot. Also Tahiti Village, GAAB Travel, discount vacationscame away with some suggestions. Perhaps you can benefit from these random thoughts.

1. Take along 1st class stamps. You’re bound to find larger post cards, especially in the resorts. Those require 1st class postage. Perhaps your resort has some on hand to sell (mine was out on that particular day). If that’s the case, and you can’t wait until they restock, you’re forced to go searching. The post office is somewhere on the east side of town, so I headed to the Strip for an alternative.

One hotel, whose name escapes me, sells stamps through a small vending-like machine. They charge $2 for two stamps. Now, I realize that I shouldn’t quibble about prices while in Vegas, but I found that intolerable. I needed five stamps, so I moved on.

A CVS Pharmacy near the Mandarin Hotel sells 20-count strips of stamps for regular price. It was more than I needed at the time, but I bought them anyway. Bummer, because I had a bunch of 49 cent stamps at home. Lesson learned.

2. Plan at least three days to tour the strip. I broke it down into 3 zones: southern, middle and northern. Boundaries are somewhat arbitrary, but they help you get a handle on all the buildings.

Southern: Tropicana Avenue to Flamingo Road (but includes the “Welcome” sign, which is about 1/2 mile south of Tropicana).Stratosphere, Las Vegas, discount vacations Also included are the Luxor and other properties just sought of Tropicana Avenue.

Middle: Flamingo Road to Spring Mountain/Twain for sure. Circus Circus and the Stratosphere are farther north. May be worth the walk just to visit the Space Needle at the Stratosphere (pictured).

Northern: Mob Museum and Freemont Street. There’s not much of significance between the Stratosphere and Freemont, so you can skip over that.

3. Make sure you have video capability. I had only a still camera with me. While that takes acceptable pictures of buildings, it can’t do justice for moving imagery. Cases in point: the fountain display and Bellagio and the volcano at Mirage.Bellagion, volcano at Mirage, what to do in Las Vegas

I snapped off pictures as quickly as  I could. I captured a series of three that shows the fountain gradually getting taller, so it’s possible to imagine the display. But a video camera would’ve been much better. (If your smartphone takes good video, that’s fine.) The volcano display is much more impressive, and requires moving imagery to fully capture the display and sound.

4. Pack comfortable shoes. You’re bound to do a lot of walking, particularly outside. A good pair of walking shoes will help keep your feet from tiring quickly walking on cement for hours at a time. If you need a break from the hard surfaces, pop into a casino, and let your feet relish in the soft carpet. Or, plop down somewhere and just watch the world go by.

If you’ve visited Las Vegas, feel free to comment below. I’m interested in your thoughts and ideas. And please share this column, so that others may benefit from what you and I have written. Thanks!

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