How to stay safe while traveling

For the most part, you can relax and enjoy safe traveling while abroad. However, just like at home, it’s always best to use a little common sense and street smarts.

The following tips — and others you may learn or know of — can help keep you and your valuables safe. Study these simple steps before your next trip, and you help ensure all your memories are good ones.

safe traveling, how to stay safe, traveling tips1. Avoid the “gawk” – You know the look: Someone standing outside a majestic building, eyes focused upward, mouth agape. Nothing says “tourist” more than that mesmerized look. Control your emotions by offering a more natural pose: one that suggests you’ve seen that building or monument hundreds of times before.

2. Remain alert – Constantly look around you for any suspicious individuals. If you notice someone eyeing you, stare back. Let the person know you’re on to him. Take away the element of surprise.

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Relax at Himmerland Golf and Country Club when you travel to Denmark

Denmark occupies an interesting place on the European Continent. Situated mostly on a peninsula that juts into the North Sea, the country also includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The capital city of Copenhagen is on the Island of Zealand, east of the peninsula and just off the soutthe blue planet, copenhagen denmark, hotels in denmark, travel to denmarkhwest corner of Sweden (and connected to the Swedish city of Malmö by the Øresund Bridge). Denmark proper covers an area of approximately 43,000 square miles with a population of about 5.64 million.

When people consider traveling to Denmark, they often picture Copenhagen. That’s understandable. Among its many attractions is The Blue Planet, Denmark’s national aquarium (right).

Often rated highly for their hospitality, Danes pride themselves on their sense of community. They cherish the quality time they spend with family and friends. Employing what’s called the Scandinavian welfare model, citizens enjoy equal access to social security.

Danish culture reflects heavily its Christian roots. The Jelling Stone, considered Denmark’s “birth certificate,” dates to 965 A.D. Article 4 of its Constitution established the Evangelical Lutheran church as the country’s official church (although there is movement to sever those ties). Danes celebrate the typical Christian holidays, as well as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and other dates that are uniquely their own.

Denmark is known as extremely bike friendly. The country has created more than 240 miles of bike lanes, and an estimated 40% of the workforce commutes by bike. The country receives approximately 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources; their goal is to hit 100% by 2050.

Resorts and hotels in Denmark

The next time you travel to Denmark, consider staying at Himmerland Golf and Country Club at Farsø. Himmerland was designed with the discriminating tourist in mind. Situated in lush, natural settings, this beautiful resort allows you to unwind actively or not so actively.

Himmerland golf & Country club, hotels in Denmark, travel to DenmarkSporting two 18-hole golf courses, Himmerland is Europe’s largest golf resort. Are you interested in golf but not ready for a regular course? Try Himmerland’s Adventure Golf. A miniature version of an actual course, you and your foursome play nine holes in 30-40 minutes.

Try your hand at tennis, take a dip in their pool, or rent a bike for a leisurely tour of the countryside. Once your day is complete, treat yourself to an authentic Nordic spa.

Explore the nearby community of Farsø. Dip into historical and natural excursions, and take in the local entertainment.

As a member of an exciting travel club, you and your family could relax and unwind a 2-bedroom unit at the Hammerlind the week of March 6-13, 2015, for just $615. Not able to escape during that week? Other resorts in Skagen and Allinge are available. You can cozy up year-round in a studio unit for $635 per week or a 1-bedroom unit for $699 per week.

To reach Himmerland Golf & Country Club, fly into Copenhagen (CPH), then take a domestic flight to Aalborg. Farsø is approximately 36 miles southwest.

If you’ve traveled to Denmark, and especially if you’ve stayed at Himmerland Golf & Country Club, I’d like your impressions. Feel free to comment below. And please share this column so others may benefit from what you and I have written. Thanks

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Extended weekend getaway refreshes for less

Weekend vacations are beneficial to you and your family

With the economy still iffy and a lot of jitters over world events, many people wonder about taking a vacation. Plus, their credit card balances may not have dropped much. Even so, an escape is definitely in order. What’s a viable alternative? How about a weekend getaway? Even better: make it an extended weekend–three or four nights instead of the customary two.

You may not realize, or perhaps forgot, that valuable destinations are much closer than you think. You don’t have to fly overseas to getaway. The following steps will help you change your perspective on vacations. Perhaps they will convince you to get away. Some tips to consider:

1. Stay close to home – You don’t need to drive far. How far is far? That depends on your tolerance for driving. Considering that you’ll be gone only three or four days, keep it to within three hours’ distance. (I prefer two hours.) You might have dozens of communities to choose from. Literally point to a spot on the map (or GPS screen) and say, “Let’s go there.”

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Experience America’s “Revolutionary City”: Willamsburg, VA

Get a firsthand look at America’s founding in colonial Williamsburg, Va. Relive the early days of settlement and experience life in 18th century America through re-enactments and restored structures.

Founded in 1632 on land between the James and York Rivers, Williamsburg was the capital of the Colony of Virginia from 1699 to 1780. As such, it served as the heart of events in Virginia leading up to the American Revolution. Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown form what is known as the Historic Triangle, an area that sees more than four million tourists each year.

What to do in Williamsburg, Va

hotels in williamsburg, hotels near williamsburg, what to do in williamsburg vaA city of just over 14,000 people, Williamsburg offers a mix of the old as well as the new for families of all sizes. The heart and soul, of course, is colonial Williamsburg. Celebrating America’s early years and founding, colonial Williamsburg allows guests to immerse themselves in settlement life.

Meet the people of the time: the tradespeople, leaders and others (yes, even the enslaved). Experience life in revolutionary times, storm the Governor’s Palace, witness the battles and the arrival of the Declaration of Independence, and actually relive that tumultuous but important era in American history.

There is so much else to see and do in the greater Willamsburg area. Nearby sites and destinations include the historic communities of Jamestowne and Yorktown, as well as Jamestowne Settlement and Yorktown Battlefield. For a more contemporary escape, visit Busch Garden or Water Country USA (a water park).

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Make Bay of Islands part of your New Zealand vacation

A vacation in New Zealand offers a whole new experience, as I learned during a trip in early 1996. It was a whirlwind tour: Roughly 2-1/2 weeks in North Island, mostly in the northern half.

After spending several days in and around Auckland, I got to visit and explore the Buried Village of Te Wairoa (where you can see the Sewing Machine Tree) and the Aranai Caves; thrill to a jet boat and helicopter ride near Rotorua; and enjoy a bus ride along “90 mile beach” then climb the dunes, which later included a catamaran ferry ride through the Bay of Islands. And that was just part of my trip.

To see and experience New Zealand properly, you need time. And make time to visit both North Island and the more unpopulated and scenic South Island. But our focus here is the Bay of Islands.

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